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The Royal Rhythmaires

The Royal Rhythmaires

Music fans have struck gold with The Royal Rhythmaires and the soulful power of honkin’ horn driven 1940’s Rhythm and Blues! Lead by Alex Hernandez’s deep understanding of what greats like Big Joe Turner composed and delivered, The Royal Rhythmaires reach back to strong horn compositions and rhythmic beats that pay tribute to that great, potent sound.

Alex grew up in Los Angeles where he backed greats such as Big Jay McNeely and Young Jesse on Hollywood’s dim lit stages where jump blues reigned supreme. He would later take this musical history to Texas where he would meet tenor saxophonist Christian Parkess.

A Texan native, Parkess had spent time in New York and Europe literally bringing listeners to their knees with his mind bending horn licks. Christian’s wail would soon find a perfect fit next to the Bari Sax and instant harmony was born. This union is utter poetry in The Royal Rhythmaires.

Piano player, Ben Scribner has been all over the map and this can be heard in his dynamic range of motion while making his keyboard sing. Scribner’s playing can take the listener to the top of the musical roller coaster and smoothly deliver them back into the hands of the awaiting rhythm section.

Ed Cannon on upright bass and Robert Hamilton on drums work together to form the band’s foot stompin’ sound. This can be heard in Cannon’s sinister slap on bass and Hamilton’s driving, yet simple, approach to the drums. Cannon’s history dates back 20 years in the Dallas/Fort Worth area laying the foundation for numerous acts and classic performances. The pair’s bond, forged during their time performing rockabilly, has been enjoyed by many while backing greats like Wanda Jackson, Gene Summers and Mac Curtis to name a few!

Vocalist Jai Malano is the newly added front woman of The Royal Rhythmaires and she’s ready to take listeners back to the core of Rhythm and Blues. With powerhouse vocals, she’ll have no problem restoring the true feeling of the 40s and 50s to the hearts of men and women alike.

The Royal Rhythmaires provide the horn honkin’, hand clappin’, foot stompin’ sound of 40’s Rhythm and Blues. Crowds will no doubt be forced to let the power of these instruments deliver them into a rhythmic trance and uplifting experience!

Genre: 40’s/50’s R&B
Vocals: Jai Malano
Tenor sax: Christian Parkess
Bari Sax: Alex Hernandez
Upright Bass: Ed Cannon
Piano: Ben Scribner
Drums: Robert Hamilton